Can I save when shopping online?

E-commerce has grown substantially in recent years. Is that online shopping can save time and money if you know how to do them properly. According to the latest annual study of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), among the items that grew the most online sales are furniture, decoration and construction for the home, cosmetics and perfumery. While the tickets for shows and events were the big losers and in the middle there are items such as appliances, tourism and clothing.

We invite you to read this article if you want to make the most of your purchases online and access the best discounts:


How to save by shopping online?

How to save by shopping online?

Electronic commerce has a lot of ground to occupy yet. Only 2.3% of sales in Latin America are through e-commerce, while in Argentina it is 1.9%. Estimates for 2019 indicate that they will reach just over 3%.


While this online sales system is still not too developed compared to other countries, there are several strategies that online shoppers use to save and that may help tip the scales in favor of e-commerce:

  • Be subscribed to pages that advertise discounts: this system is widely used among people who want to save when buying flights or having to pay a stay. Then they are attentive to when they receive the e-mail or the warning on the cell phone that there is a promotion to fly or to go somewhere in particular.
  • Discount coupons: There are other websites that publish cheaper products daily. The key in these coupons are wholesale sales.
  • Take advantage of dates: keys for online purchases such as Hot Sale and Black Friday, where discounts are published in different areas. According to a survey by the consultant GfK, 45% of Argentines plan to buy an appliance or technological item at the Hot Sale 2017.
  • Search and compare: This is one of the keys in which internet commerce benefits, one can access the prices of the products and buy them. If in doubt, you can ask several questions about the product without this resulting in a purchase commitment.


What should I pay attention when buying online?

What should I pay attention when buying online?

While it is increasingly safe to make purchases online, you have to pay attention to the conditions of purchase that must be well expressed in the product you wish to purchase. This can be found, for example, when you want to take out an online loan, where you must specify the rates and expenses that we will have to pay.

The more information we have the more insurance we are going to feel about making the purchase. So make sure before hiring your online loan that the Annual Nominal Rate, the Annual Effective Rate, the Financial Cost, among other fees and expenses are well specified.

To avoid surprises and to make you feel safe, At Peachum family, we have a simulator that helps you get how much you are going to have to pay for interest, costs and taxes by fee. So the contract for the loan is transparent and you have no unexpected expenses .

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