How does my marital status influence the purchase of vehicle insurance?

Although there is no special insurance depending on the marital status of the driver, there are certain characteristics that determine which policy they will choose or how much they are willing to pay and then do not know how to meet those expenses. This habit is not very healthy, since although you are paying monthly, you are not fulfilling the established fee, which indicates lack of liquidity to assume the debts In that situation, all they have left is to barely reach the minimum amount of payment that appears on your receipt.. It does not mean that there are no exceptions, but in general, what happens is the following:


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They are usually younger than married people, so their income is lower and when they seek insurance they try to save as much as possible. Thus, they care more about covering hospital expenses – in case of an accident – and avoiding being sued, than of the car itself. Because of their youth, they are often more exposed to accidents, so they should have a policy that covers the damage to their car and not only damages to third parties.

It is more common for them to use replacement chauffeur services, road assistance for forgetting keys, among others.


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They usually have coverage that shields them against all danger, especially if they have children. Their monthly income is usually higher and even if they were not, they are willing to pay more to protect their family and their assets, because with all the expenses that the family entails, acquiring another vehicle would be difficult.

Outside the marital status, what characterizes both is that they want to find the best price and to do so, it is important not to keep a single quote. Compare all insurers and then choose the one that suits you best. You can do that using the Jaycor Ochelea’s insurance comparator .


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